Graham Powrie
Remote Developer

Boulder, Colorado
United States

The ant is a marvel of evolutionary adaptability and ingenuity, solving complicated problems in harsh, limited conditions, worldwide. Move quick, think big, be the ant.


Relevant Work Experience

Brilliant Chemistry

Sept 2017 - Present

Ruby on Rails Consulting

Worked under contract for enterprise clients via Brilliant Chemistry in a senior RoR developer role.

Decision Resources Group

June 2015 - October 2016

Ember Consulting

Brought in to upgrade, refactor and productize an existing Ember application and help guide the team with respect to EmberJS best practices. Additionally provided recommendations and oversight on moving forward within a constrained technology stack.


2014 - Nov 2015

Cofounder, Lead Backend/Frontend Developer

A patient self-tracking platform for chronic illness. Responsible for designing the Rails API, implementing the frontend using EmberJS and managing the development team throughout.


Feb - Nov 2014

Lead Backend/Frontend Developer

A telehealth platform for doctors to connect with their patients, perform checkups and prescribe medications electronically. Responsible for designing the Rails API, implementing the frontend using EmberJS and managing the development team throughout.

The Worker Ant LLC

2011 - Present


Self-driven web development for remote clients.

  • Emphasis on functional websites that have value beyond their content, especially business use cases.
  • Full spectrum development expertise, including: sysadmin, hosting, design, programming, social media, maintenance, project management.
  • Experience working remotely with teams and individuals.

2007 - 2009

Freelance work using PHP frameworks and later Ruby on Rails. Started and successfully ran an online business for tango festival management.


2009 - 2011

Lead Developer

Started as an intern but quickly promoted to developer, then lead developer. DevelopmentNow focused on mobile and social projects using Ruby on Rails or PHP frameworks. Experience with web mobilization, iOS/Android development, social media integration, web scraping. Worked with clients such as Time Warner Cable and Manheim Auto Auctions.

Summit Projects

Summer 2003


Contract web design with an emphasis on learning in a team environment.



University of Oregon

Eugene Oregon, USA
Summer ‘05-Summer '08

Bachelors of Science

Majored in General Science with focuses in chemistry, biology & anthropology. Studied abroad in Italy for 6 months.

Self-Taught Web Design


Started designing small HTML sites with some graphics and quickly moved on to modifying PHP based web apps, mostly focusing on design. Gained experience with server management (unix), working informally for a game hosting company and have hosted the majority of my clients since 2004. Discovered Ruby on Rails in late 2008 and immediately started with personal projects using the framework. Familiar with Rails community happenings and I stay on top of trends and conventions. Most recently gained expertise in Ember JS Framework which represents the cutting edge in web design.


Related skills



extensive knowledge

Ruby on Rails

very experienced

Adobe Photoshop

very experienced

Ember JS




Project Management



Other skills

  • Systems Admin
  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • ZURB Foundation
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • iOS/Android Familiarity
  • Social Media
  • Jquery
  • Cloud Computing
  • Redis
  • D3.js
  • HAML/SASS/Coffeescript
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Web Scraping
  • BDD
  • Heroku


  • Traveling the Americas: Currently in of a trip-by-car through the Americas. Spanish is passable.
  • Tango Dancing since 2004 in the Portland, Oregon community.
  • Also: SCUBA diving (rescue certified), casual rock climbing.
  • Born August 13th, 1986, in excellent health, loves dog, likes cats, tolerates siblings.

Last seen: Punta del Este, Uruguay

Scent Navigator: Banzai the dog